Coassemble Campaigns

Quarterly campaigns were rolled out to generate brand awareness through different verticals to see where the online training application was successful in the market. Working with the leaders of the business, I would art direct and execute to align with the brand and their business objectives.


Senior Brand & Digital Designer




Meet Coassemble's little sibling, Bytes. This fun, playful brand was to test out our freemium product and reach out to the mass market through Product Hunt. This campaign had a tight deadline, however the developer and I started collaborating from the start and we were able to cross the finish line in time.


Brand Design

Website rollout


Bytes Website by Coassemble
Can't have bytes without cookies

Understanding our audience for the freemium product was key, but with such a mass market of online content builders, how do we really know if we are targeted the right persona? We had a plan in place to cater to teachers, young students, and employees starting out in the workforce. We would test course content, imagery and copywriting as well.


Coassemble was introducing Academy, a product feature that would allow users to share courses to a "hub" and targeting SaaS companies. We understood the pain of a knowledge base and keeping product features safe and secure in course content. What better way to test out this market than to go to SaaStr itself.


Brand Design

Website rollout

Event booth for SaaStr


Animation Explainer

More work

Parity Capital Brand

Sydney based Financial Brokers looking for a feminine yet strong brand to compete against established brokerage firms.

Parity Capital

Digital Work

For the last 15 years, I have been lucky enough to design digital products for some of the most recognizable brands in Australia.

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